Into the light TRAILER


Majlis al-Jinn, a vast underground chamber in Oman, is big enough to house the Great Pyramid of Giza or more than a dozen Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets. After rappelling down a 170-metre drop, Chris Sharma and his partner set out for their record-breaking ascent from the deepest point of the cave. Fighting gravity they follow the enormous arch suspended upside down much of the time. It is a ground-breaking climb back into the light.


2014, TV, 52min, 16:9



Austria, Oman


Cast: Chris Sharma, Stefan Glowacz


Regie: Jochen Schmoll

Kamera: Sebastian Tischler, Franz Hinterbrandner, Stefan Bühl, Jochen Schmoll

Produzent: Thomas Ernst

Executive Producer: Wolfgang Merkel

Herstellungsleiter (Line Producer): Daniel Strobl

Editor : Oliver Szymczak

Production Company: Red Bull Media House GmbH, Stefan Glowacz GmbH